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    and   "STRENGTHEN 



                                                                                                                    Cathy Weiss


Yes I am a poet, but I also am an educator, solver of problems and a champion of community. I have worked in health, community, and social services for over thirty years and creator of many original community programs.  Just like my artwork, my poetry and writing reflects the intimate and intriguing glimpses I have had in my work and my life! Currently, I have partnered with The Tower Foundation, in New Haven, CT to  create an art gallery that serves as a community space that raises money for elder art programs. This is only one of my many current  unique community art projects whose proceeds have benefitted many people served through non profits within our state.

 I think when you build a poem it should be like walking through life. It evolves and unfolds through layers of feeling and meaning.

We are all poets, if you ever have been in love, watched a sunset, or suffered a loss......You are a poet inside just waiting to be discovered. Please see my calendar for a list of workshops    Cathy Weiss

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