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The Catherine Weiss Poetry Garden

Have you ever dreamed of something bigger than yourself? I have....that is why I am so committed to helping fund this project In partnership with the Towers Foundation.

The Towers Garden will turn a 13,300 sq foot blight into a beautiful destination garden in CT. We break ground June 2023, ribbon cutting in October. Click link to donate.

The Catherine Weiss Poetry Garden will have a podium, benches, and will be a learning, performance center, and handicap accessible special event venue that will make a major impact on the community

The Garden will make a difference in the overall enviorment

Reduce Food insecurity with a handicap planting bed, herb garden giving seniors purpose in feeding the community

A place of Solace and refuge with a shade garden, sculpture garden and meditation space with a water element

and so much more........!!

"Bus Number 567"

Cathy Weiss

I have been asked to help other artists understand the mechanics of making art that is wrapped onto public displays such as the GNHTD bus project I recently completed. So I thought a video would help. However, when Rachael Mason and I rode the bus to ascertain if the art was meaningful to the public, we learned so much more..... Watch the video and see for yourself how art moves people in more ways than one can imagine.

My Recycled Life Closet

Cathy Weiss

The Cathy Weiss Project received a standing ovation when they performed on Sept. 25, 2011 at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, CT. The original piece called "My Recycled Life Closet", was choreographed by the group's founder and director, Cathy Weiss.

Past Writers Conference A Success!

April 10, 2018

Our first writers conference was a huge success!! This is not me, the Honorary Chairperson, giving you some hype. I make that statement based on filling all possible slots with a long waiting list weeks before the event. Participants came from all over the tri-state area. I think the popularity and notoriety of our talented speakers (pictured below) had a lot to do with that. The evaluations were all very positive. We received feedback such as, "Suzanne Palmieri was so inspiring", "the panel was very helpful yet very relatable", "time just flew", and "the conference was just the right size for learning". Therefore, we are motivated by the response and already planning our next conference, which will be expanded with possible topics as platform building, marketing plans, and hopefully manuscript review.

We are planning our next conference for November 2019. More details to come.

My Time in Cuba

April 18, 2018

In the spring of 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba on a cross cultural exchange. 


While there, I visited every art gallery and school surrounding Havana. Rarely granted to Americans, I received special permission to enter ISA, the government run arts University.


I also participated in community art projects, toured medical clinics, and lived in a real Cuban neighborhood. I dined in the homes of locals, met many professional artists, professors, architects, and art historians. I also traveled three hundred miles to the Bay of Pigs and Trinidad.


I photographed recognizable tourist icons, but mostly took shots of slices of real Cuban life not often seen in travel reels. My vast experiences also inspired the artwork I made there.


I was so moved by the resiliency and creativity of the Cuban people, that I wrote many stories about them, and what I observed during my time there. 

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