Reflections on My Work

I watched a moving van pull away today from my neighbors house below, just after I gave them the painting as a gift to remember a home they loved. A little piece of me and my history as their neighbor for over a decade will also go with them. Just like my many renditions of the grandchildren of friends, or a place of shared memories, the art I give so freely are really gifts to myself. The thought that a piece of me is now part of their family and home, ignites a light in my soul. To think that a grown person might pull out a piece I did of them as a baby, and show to their own children makes me feel I left a bit of a legacy. The thought of someone smiling as they gaze at my piece of a place that no longer exists in their life , makes me feel I can give hugs even when I am not there. It is not the sales, the prizes in the juried shows, or the need for praise that does it for me. It is the pure joy of creating something meaningful to someone. I found out today I was accepted into another juried show. Although so grateful,the painting that will be viewed by my neighbor and a much smaller audience, accompanied by joy rather than wine and cheese, will last longer in history than the one in the show. Please feel free to share.

Cathy  Weiss -
Writer, Artist, and Community Activist
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