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Hear about the ART For GOOD Project: Sunrise Fund Gives 4 Grants to Clinton Non-Profits

This year I decided to focus more on Kindness. So, instead of having a traditional

art reception, I decided to give it a spin with a “POP UP” grant from my Sunrise fund at The

Community Foundation of Middlesex County.

I am so honored for the lovely recognition:

This Thankful Thursday is dedicated to Cathy Weiss! Last month Cathy held an Art for Good event and The Estuary was awarded a pop-up grant from Community Foundation of Middlesex County - Cathy Weiss Sunrise Fund. We appreciate the generous spirit with which this gift was both generated and awarded. We love seeing the creative and generous ways that people choose to help their communities.

Cathy  Weiss -
Writer, Artist, and Community Activist
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