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My Cookbook is Out!

Ever since I was a young girl, I have dreamed about living on, or within walking distance to the beach. While waiting for that dream to manifest itself, I rented beach cottages each vacation to satisfy this need until my dream finally became a reality.

When I would stay at these cottages I would bring a few staples from home, and buy fresh produce at farmers and local markets to supplement them. I developed an easy way of cooking and eating that used minimal, clean ingredients with a no fuss vibe. It became a way of life to eat this way when I returned home.

Now, almost twenty years later, it's actually quite popular to eat this way for many of us with busy lifestyles. The trend now is to eat less, yet eat more nutrient rich, organic, and local food. Therefore, this collection of recipes is timely. See a sample on the writing page!

I'm sure you will notice similar ingredients in the recipes, since I have a knack for not letting anything go to waste. I guess that was a gift from both my grandmothers who lived through the depression. I also believe in and love the Mediterranean Diet. As a gerontologist it comes close to what I learned about diet and longevity. Also, with a maiden name of Guzzio, my Italian heritage has something to do with eating Mediterranean as well.

I am now very fortunate to have a home on the Connecticut shoreline, and this book is both a celebration of achieving my dream, and a gift to my family, friends, and neighbors who have shared so many memories there with us. The cover is one of many renderings of the sunsets I view from my front porch. We call our shore home "Hammock Hill Cottage" since it sits high on a hill overlooking the Hammock River, Marsh, and Long Island Sound.

We have osprey nests, an eagle's nest, and duck nests on our property that keep us constantly amused. We also enjoy magnificent daily sunrises and sunsets from our home that keep us grounded and attuned to nature. I hope to use this book as a fundraiser for our beach association's jetty fund, and other environmental causes.

Many people ask how I get so much done and still have time to cook. Well this book will give you a glimpse. I might mention here that I only cook twice a week. Sundays and Wednesdays I wash, chop, and prepare my vegetables. I also, make two whole grains to have on hand such as quinoa, pasta, or brown rice, and grill or broil two proteins. At the end of a busy day all I do is assemble and heat. The creativity comes from using what was fresh and in season at the market. I also try to make a jarred staple such as "Uncle Mikes Olives", a vinegrette, or pickled pink onions to have on hand. There is also the added bonus of only doing heavy kitchen cleanup twice a week. So now you know some of my secrets! I hope you enjoy these favorite recipes of mine and my family.

Much Love and Health,


Cathy  Weiss -
Writer, Artist, and Community Activist
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