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Exciting experiments with Yupo and mixing ink into watercolor and acrylic paints.

I have been having a lot of fun putting the vibrancy and intrigue I crave in my work with Yupo and mixing paints. Yupo is a synthetic water resistant paper that comes in different weights and transparencies. It gives you some of the following advantages: no absorption of paint into the paper, paint doesn't bloom, it yields vibrant colors, easy removal of mistakes, and paint can be moved and sculpted in both controlled or abstract ways. It dries by evaporation so layering is painstaking, but with stunning and unusual results.

You can use watercolor, acrylics, or inks, I make my own colors and blends. Watercolor paint can go on straight from the tube, and you don’t have to keep arcrylics as wet. Most artists make small pieces since the Yupo and not diluting the paints and ink make the work more costly. However, you can scan them and print them onto larger watercolor paper.

One downside I learned the hard way is your pencil lines will not be covered by any paint and cannot be erased. So if you are like me and are used to drawing your horizon lines and sketching the outlines of your watercolor you will be dissappointed. However, you can incorporate the pencil lines into the design or use them like a type of masking tool. Have fun experimenting!

I personally don’t strive to paint like others, only for myself, and Yupo has given me great joy. I’m proud my vision has received high praise amoung my clients and abstract artist groups. As always proceeds from sales always go to non profit charities. If you would like an exhibit for your cause, or a tour of my home gallery please contact me.

Cathy  Weiss -
Writer, Artist, and Community Activist
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