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Portraits of Clinton Poetry Project, A Big Success!

Over a year’s time, my interns and I developed and delivered workshops on writing a portrait poem. I didn’t want anyone excluded, so I went into homes of seniors, interviewed them, and wrote poems with them. I wanted to include as many people, ethnicities, and ages as possible. Initially some people were hesitant to write about themselves, but were willing to write a portrait of a favorite place in Clinton. I gave portrait poetry workshops at the Morgan School, and several Morgan students publishes their work in a recent issue of New Authors Journal.

I’m proud of everyone for taking a risk and participating in this project. I also want to thank everyone for the courage shown in exploring their deepest feelings and sharing their true selves, which is a major component of a portrait poem.

Some of the poets in this anthology have never written a poem and some are more experienced, but all have something special to share… Their authentic voice .

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Cathy  Weiss -
Writer, Artist, and Community Activist
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