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The Catherine Weiss Gallery

Creativity-Connection-Community. The Catherine Weiss Gallery, located at The Towers 18 Tower Lane, New Haven, is a new state of the art gallery where "art meets community" with capacity for 60 pieces of art supports the new Opening Minds Through Art. OMA is a new cutting-edge, evidence-based program at The Towers. The launch has been life changing to all those involved. The program is specifically designed to impart spontaneity, sensory stimulation, and pride while creating meaningful and beautiful works of art. Opening Minds Through Art increases validation and purpose to those who may not have a stage on which to shine. Through OMA art shows across the country, communities have the opportunity to learn about seniors while enjoying their talents. We look forward to showing and sharing the work of our Towers' residents with the entire community. The Opening Minds through Arts Program has doubled in size in both participants and volunteers.In two years

As a gerontologist, artist, and longtime friend of The Towers, I interviewed residents, staff, and volunteers. I was so impressed, not only with the artwork, but with the personal connections that have been made between the trained volunteers and participating residents. The Towers is delighted and grateful that I will be helping curate the Gallery Opening for Opening Minds Through Art in our new Catherine Weiss Art Gallery at The Towers at Tower Lane.

To learn more or to get involved with Opening Minds Through Art, please contact Sarah Moskowitz, Volunteer Coordinator, at (203)772-1816, ext. 410, or

Cathy  Weiss -
Writer, Artist, and Community Activist
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